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Sweepstakes Security

  sweepstakes security

Promotion Security

When building your marketing department's in-house sweepstakes capabilities, keep in mind the adage, “all things in moderation.”

Comprehensive in-house sweepstakes management introduces risk. Extraordinary risk.

Promotion Watch breaks up your vertical integration to prevent accidental or intentional abuse of your promotions.


Print Security

For promotions with instant win, scratch-and-win and peel-and-reveal game pieces, our experts spot and eliminate vulnerabilities in the production and distribution environments. We ensure the correct quantity of game pieces are printed with anti-counterfeit measures and that test pieces are accounted for and destroyed.

Chain of Custody Documentation

We securely transfer winning game pieces throughout the seeding and distribution processes, documenting all events concisely including certifying destruction of the winning game piece production materials.

Game Piece Seeding

To ensure that the winning of the prize is truly a chance event, we develop the random seeding plan, affidavits and process documentation to place winning game pieces so they are distributed randomly throughout the universe of game pieces.

Choosing Winners

Promotion Watch provides the programmatic means and audit trail by which winning game pieces are legally, fairly and randomly allocated throughout each prize category within the promotion.