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Sweepstakes Management


Sweepstakes Administration

Your core competency is marketing products and services. Perhaps it is not not running sweepstakes or instant win games. Or maybe you have some in-house capabilities.

Focus on the tasks you handle well and engage us to take on the other responsibilities.


Contest Administration

We are skilled project managers, creating your comprehensive promotion calendar and coordinating all tasks.

Promotional Law

In a tightly regulated industry, prevention of legal issues is one of the keys to flawless execution. We work with lawyers experienced in the sweepstakes promotion industry to review and evaluate your sweepstakes marketing programs and related official rules and assist you in preventing any legal issues.

Sweepstakes Bonding and Registration

Promotion Watch registers sweepstakes and obtains surety bonds in the states requiring that compliance.

Promotion Security Plan Development

To make sure you award prizes fairly and randomly, we develop and implement security methodologies appropriate for your specific promotion.

Prize Fulfillment

We understand the protocols for all prize types and will handle the delivery of legal documents, performance of procedures and coordination of award events.