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Prize Fulfillment Services

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Prize Fulfillment

After validating the winning game pieces and securing affidavits of eligibility from potential winners, it is time for the big event, to award the prize.

From the delivery of a simple cash prize where you do not want to be involved to an event with full media coverage, Promotion Watch can help. We procure, warehouse, ship and deliver prize pools of any tier.


Background Searches

We verify the winner is neither an employee of your company or agency, nor a relative. We also verify that the person claiming the prize is really the winner.

International Promotions

Promotion Watch dispatches award teams anywhere in the world.

High-tier Prizes

Need to award a million dollar prize? We assemble the prize patrol, security and delivery team. We can also procure prize insurance.

Chance Promotion Events on Premises

Promotion Watch's prize notification teams manage instant-gratification events, awarding cash and prizes personally to qualified patrons at restaurants, stores, and theme parks. Want to fire-up customers across your entire chain? Our network of agents spans the country and globe.

High-profile Prize Notification and Celebrity Events

When your promotion includes a high-profile media event, we develop a security plan for your approval. Our international network of security personnel check the criminal background of the winner, work with local authorities, survey the site, contain the perimeter, verify attendees' credentials, and establish crisis management controls.