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From traditional to innovative promotions, we’ll ensure each happens safely and successfully. These are a few of our more interesting projects.

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Giving Away Cars is Fun

Customers love it and we do it often. But giving away a race car is uniquely challenging. We provided event security and legal compliance oversight to give away a street-legal NASCAR.


Restaurant Rewards

Imagine getting dinner and returning with cash. Lots of it. That is exactly what our prize patrols did for customers for several weeks. Selecting the locations and customers of a restaurant chain at random, we delighted winners with cash prizes.

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Secret Shoppers

The shoppers were thrilled and we were busy. We awarded video game consoles to random customers of a grocery chain. The challenge? We had 7 days, 1,000 locations and a prize to award in each. We did it with just 30 agents.


Million Dollar Weekends

Ordinary weekend shopping trips become extraordinary for lucky winners when the prize pool is huge. Over just a few weekends, Promotion Watch’s network of experienced field agents awarded cash and prizes totaling 35 million dollars at 75 locations.


Fishy Promotion

Promotion Watch was the first promotion security company to seed a live animal. Working with the DNR, we seeded tagged fish in lakes throughout the U.S. in an instant win game for a leading brewer.